Caring for foxes – a short film

The Fox Project just outside Tunbridge Wells is a charity that rescues sick or injured foxes and aims to rehabilitate and release them back to their home territory.  I spent a morning with Sandra Reddy, who has worked at the project for 15 years.  This short film looks at why foxes end up at the hospital, how they are treated and released, as well as more anthropological concerns such as human-fox sociality, possible conflict situations, social construction of foxes (what kind of characteristics we associate with them, for example), how they are represented in the media and even their connection to political debates.

Perhaps one of the most striking parts of my discussion with Sandra was the extent to which the lives of humans and foxes are interconnected in London and the south-east.  As well as the many people who call the project to report a fox in difficulties, there is also the extensive network of people with special enclosures in their gardens to help care for recovering foxes, and others who report their interactions with local foxes, such as seeing them regularly in their gardens and sometimes feeding them.

Watch my short film to find out more about what the project does, and how humans and foxes are connected in London and the south-east.

Read more about the Fox Project on their website.

Follow the Fox Project on Facebook or Instagram.




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